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Ethically Sourced Open-Top Hobo Tote


Handcrafted and Made in India, our slouchy hobo bag offers effortless style. This lightweight design features an integrated strap and tie closure, perfect for everyday adventures. Shop sustainable fashion, look good, feel good.

Product Details

  • Material: EcoPly Cotton
  • Care: Clean professionally
  • Origin: Made in India
  • Lenght : 16 in / 40.6 cm
  • Width : 7 in / 17.8 cm
  • Depth : 9.4 in / 29.9 cm
  • Style Number: TO001-24-001


This handcrafted crochet bag is a testament to both sustainable practices and luxurious comfort, thanks to the use of Eco Poly Cotton Yarn. This innovative yarn is a blend of recycled polyester and natural cotton fibers, making it a conscious choice for the eco-friendly crafter. The recycled polyester component reduces the environmental impact of the yarn compared to virgin materials, while the natural cotton fibers ensure incredible softness and drape. This translates to a bag that’s gentle on the skin and allows for beautifully textured stitches, creating a visually stunning and comfortable accessory.



Eco Poly Cotton Yarn also boasts surprising lightness despite its recycled content. This means your handcrafted bag will be easy to carry throughout the day without feeling heavy, yet remains surprisingly strong and durable. The yarn also comes in a vibrant array of colors, allowing you to personalize your bag and express your unique style. With an Eco Poly Cotton Yarn crochet bag, you’re not just carrying a beautiful and functional accessory, you’re making a positive impact on the environment. It’s a statement piece that embodies responsible craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and effortless everyday luxury. So go ahead and elevate your style with this handcrafted beauty, knowing that you’re making a conscious choice for both you and the planet.